for dentists & oral hygienists
who want to work in
the Netherlands and Belgium

Are you looking for a job
as a dentist or as
an oral hygienist

in The Netherlands or Belgium?
We can help you get a job!


Our mission is to recruit talented dentists and oral hygienists from across Europe to The Netherlands and Belgium, with a focus on the German and Swedish markets.
We run events throughout the year to support our recruitment, with many events taking place in Sweden and Germany.

You can sign up for these events to get all the help and support you need to increase your chance of success.

A. Eriksson, Swedish Dentist in the Netherlands
Can warmly recommend visiting the event when it comes to Sweden! I myself have visited
the event when it was in Gothenburg. Worked in The Netherlands before. Come home with
more experience and lots of new friends!
M. Gardshol, Swedish Dentist in the Netherlands
During my 2 years in the Netherlands, I have had both a career and a family.
The people are open and cordial and you feel fast at home.
Right on the case mentality suits me well.
T. Landeberg, Swedish Dentist in the Netherlands
I have now worked in the Netherlands 9 years and I regret nothing. The best decision I made in my life. Here life is easy and cozy.
The mentality resembles the Scandinavian but better. Overheads are lower and wages are much higher.
Will stay here for the rest of my life.
J. Westman, Swedish dentist that worked in The Netherlands for 3 years
I liked that society and the work was very similar to Sweden's. It was less administration work compared to the Swedish system and the language was very easy to learn. You earn more and pay less taxes. I met friends for life.I liked the location of The Netherlands:
close to Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt etc.
L. Posti Swedish Oral hygienist that used to work in The Netherlands
Stepping out of my comfort zone to work in the Netherlands is probably the best choice I have made for my career
and personal developmemt. I have learned a lot from my colleagues and friends. It was great to have the ability to communicate
with specialists up close and work in a modern way. I got to work 4 days per week, made a very nice
salary with a lot of tax benefits. It's a very open-minded country and I got to appreciate
the people and their straightforwardness.

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