About us

We started Dental Recruitment in 2017 matching top clinics practitioners with talented dentists and oral hygienists from across Europe, with a focus on the Swedish and German markets. We saw a big shortage in the dental market and wanted to support finding qualified dentists and oral hygienists. In 2021 we started recruiting for Flanders Belgium where the shortages are urgent and the market is evolving fast now.
We experienced that people from The Nordic countries and Germany integrate very well and learn the Dutch language quickly. The culture is also similar to the Dutch and the Flemish culture and the transition is often seamless.

Julius Segersteen is a dentist and recruiter from Sweden who studied at Gothenburg University (2014). He also has his own dental practice in The Hague where you can visit and learn the Dutch Dental System. He helps take care of the Swedes. He speaks Swedish and English.

Zohar Tischler has worked in big chains in the Dutch dental sector for over 20 years. He has a large network and knows the Dutch and Flemish dental market very well. He started to recruit dental professionals in 2004 and has a lot of experience to help make the move smooth for people coming to the Netherlands. He speaks Dutch, English, and German.

We always take care that the foreign dentist whom we recruit receive exactly the same conditions and their Dutch and Belgian PEERS. We are not in the business of recruiting foreign “cheaper”dental work force.

We also try to help with finding accommodation. We have an accountant we always use to help with tax benefits/tax planning.
We have built a network of support to make your move to The Netherlands or Belgium a success.